Farrani wizards are trained from a very young age in a highly regimented fashion. Their apprenticeships are solitary and secretive, done well away from the rest of society. Because of this they have little variation in the amount of training they receive and they tend to have no outside social connections.

Characters cannot take Virtues that grant additional starting experience points, including Arcane Lore, Educated, Mastered Spells, Privileged Upbringing, Skilled Parens, Warrior, and Well-Traveled.

Characters cannot take Virtues or Flaws related to social connections, including Famous, Hedge Wizard, Hermetic Prestige, Infamous Master, Protection, Social Contacts, Temporal Influence, True Love, Troupe Upbringing, or Wealthy.

This also includes any Virtues or Flaws from the Personality, Social Status, or Story categories if they relate to social connections or upbringing.


Heartbeast, Lycanthrope, Shapeshifter, Skinchanger: Supernatural shape-changing capabilities in this campaign represent the influence of certain ancient magical races. Characters touched by the Karahzed (those with Gifted blood) can only take Virtues of Flaws turn them into wolves. Characters with Shapeshifter must take the form of a wolf as their first animal, but can thereafter select additional animal types as their Shapeshifter Ability level rises. Extended shapeshifting rules, taken from Houses of Hermes: Mystery Cults, can be found here.

Diedne Magic: This Virtue does not come with a Dark Secret Flaw.

Mythic Blood: The special magical feat provided by this Virtue cannot have a level higher than 20. (Extra levels can still apply to Penetration.)

Personal Vis Source: This Virtue provides one pawn of the selected type of vis for every two seasons awarded in-game.


Flawless Warcraft (Minor Virtue, General): You can apply the mastery capabilities of a weapon mastery Ability to all weapons covered by the same combat Ability. You cannot apply capabilities derived from two different mastery Abilities at the same time. For example, a character with a weapon mastery Ability for an axe and a separate weapon mastery Ability for a club could apply either set of capabilities to her use of mace, since those weapons all fall under Single Weapon, but could not use both sets at once. Determine which set to apply at the beginning of your turn each round.

Gatekeeper (Minor Virtue, Hermetic): You were one of the few apprentices trained and tasked to tend the deepest dungeons below Moon Castle. You treat infernal auras as magical auras, gaining a bonus to magic within them rather than a penalty. And you can identify when vis is tainted and use it without any additional risk. You must buy at least 1 level of Infernal Lore at character creation. You cannot have The Gentle Gift, Inoffensive to Animals, or Susceptibility to Infernal Power.

Heirloom (Minor Virtue, General): You own an advanced weapon, a technological relic of a recently-fallen civilization. Somehow this item is yours alone and is not a resource belonging to the Corps. You have enough ammunition to fully load the weapon twice and can get more when you return home from missions. You can select a hand gun or a long arm from the list of advanced weapons, but not a heavy weapon. Work with the Storyguide if you want an advanced item that is not a weapon.

House Legatee (Minor Virtue, Hermetic): There are five versions of this Virtue, named for the five Farrani houses of antiquity. These control characters’ Forms and provide specific other Virtues and Flaws. A character may not have more than one version of this Virtue.

  • Agonistica: Agonistica have the Fast Caster and Life Boost Virtues without cost and the Careless Sorcerer Flaw without benefit. Their starting Form must be either Ignem or Vim.
  • Drespila: Drespila have the Puissant Intellego and Quiet Magic Virtues without cost and the Offensive to Animals Flaw without benefit. Their starting Form must be either Auram or Imaginem.
  • Lapicada: Lapicada have the Cautious Sorcerer and Tough Virtues without cost and the Clumsy Magic Flaw without benefit. Their starting Form must be either Corpus or Terram.
  • Menata: Menata have the Gentle Gift Virtue without cost and the Creative Block Flaw without benefit. Their starting Form must be either Aquam or Mentem.
  • Venatora: Venatora have the Animal Ken and Wilderness Sense Virtues without cost and the Poor Formulaic Magic Flaw without benefit. Their starting Form must be either Animal or Herbam.

Warlock (Minor Virtue, Supernatural): You are trained in the arts of the arcane musketeer, able to commune with the brimstone in gunpowder and spark it according to your will. You can bend bullets in flight, penetrate steel and stone, and land your shots at ranges undreamed of by normal fusiliers. A warlock can automatically determine whether a firearm within her line of sight is loaded and she might notice massive sources of nearby gunpowder, like a powder wagon, even outside her line of sight. A warlock using a gunpowder firearm ignores penalties for shooting targets behind cover (the bullets avoid or blast through it) and triples the distance of her first range increment (reducing attack penalties and extending the reach of her weapon’s piercing capability). The warlock can still invoke the Explosive and Spread capabilities based on the weapon’s unmodified increment ranges—her shotgun blast does not need to travel three times as far before it can hit multiple targets.


House Restriction (Major Flaw, Hermetic): You are deficient in the magical fields not specific to your House. (You do not need to have any of these Forms opened to scores of 0 to take this Flaw.) Halve your magic totals (including Casting Totals and Lab Totals, but excluding Magic Resistance) to which any of the eight Forms apply that are not specific to your House. (See the House Legatee Virtue for details.) These Forms have their full value for the purposes of learning; study totals are not halved. If you also have the House Legatee Virtue, you must select the same house for both the Virtue and the Flaw.

Powder Blind (Minor Flaw, Hermetic): You have an allergy-based aversion to gunpowder, the result of a particular flaw in your magical Gift. When you are reacting to gunpowder, you have a – 3 penalty to sight-based Perception rolls and to all spellcasting rolls. You experience powder blindness while you are carrying any gunpowder, if you have directly touched gunpowder in the last hour, or if a gun was fired within a few paces of you in the last two minutes.


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