Virtue and Flaw Details (Nora)

The Gift (Special): You have the ability to work magic. See “The Gift” on page 36 for full details.

Deft Form (Corpus) (Minor, Hermetic): You are particularly skilled with one Form. You suffer no penalty to the Casting Total casting spells in that Form when using non-standard voices/gestures (see page 83), including using no voice or gestures because you are in a non-human form. Voice Range spells still have a Range based on ho loudly you are speaking.

Gatekeeper (Minor Virtue, Hermetic): You were one of the few apprentices trained and tasked to tend the deepest dungeons below Moon Castle. You treat infernal auras as magical auras, gaining a bonus to magic within them rather than a penalty. And you can use tainted vis without any additional risk. You must buy at least 1 level of Infernal Lore at character creation. You cannot have The Gentle Gift, Inoffensive to Animals, or Susceptibility to Infernal Power.

Greater Purifying Touch (Godsplague) (Major, Supernatural): You can, with a touch and the expenditure of a Fatigue level, cure a single serious disease. This disease should be either life-threatening or seriously disabling, and should be on from which people do not normally recover by themselves. You must choose the disease that you can cure when you take this Virtue, and you can only cure that disease. You can only choose a disease, not other types of injury or misfortune. See page 180 for more information on diseases.

Minor Magical Focus (Healing) (Minor, Hermetic): Your magic is particularly attuned to some narrow field, such as self-transformation, birds of prey, or healing. In general, the field should be slightly narrower than a single Technique and Form combination, although it may include restricted areas of several such combination. Healing, for example, is a part of Creo Corpus, Creo Animal, and possibly Creo Herbam. You cannot be focused on a laboratory activity, such as creating charged items, although a focus does apply to laboratory activities. When you cast a spell or generate a Lab Total within your focus, add the lowest applicable Art score twice, as for a Major Magical Focus (page 45). A magus may only have one Magical Focus, whether major or minor, regardless of the source of the focus.

Mythic Blood (Major, Hermetic): You are a blood descendant of either a wizard of legend (possibly one of the Twelve Founders, or some other ancient and powerful sorcerer) or a supernatural being (such as a dragon). Your potent Gift means that you do not lose Fatigue levels if your Casting Total falls short of the level of a formulaic spell by less than ten points, although you do lose Fatigue if the spell fails completely. You must expend Fatigue normally to cast spontaneous magic, and you lose the normal number of Fatigue levels. Additionally, you may choose one special magic feat which you can invoke at will and cancel at will, as often as you like. Invoking this feat takes as long as fast-casting a mastered formulaic spell (see page 87), and requires the same level of concentration. The effect should be designed as a Hermetic effect, with a level + Penetration limited as below. The Penetration of the effect is not modified by the magus’s Penetration Ability score, and cannot be negative, so the highest possible level of the effect is 30.

Invocation: Level + Penetration
Speak and Gesture 30
Speak 25
Gesture 20
Neither Speak nor Gesture 15

This Virtue includes a Minor Magical Focus in an area related to your legendary ancestor and a hereditary Minor Personality Flaw (both at no extra cost). Mythic Blood is not particularly uncommon in the Order of Hermes, so this Virtue does not grant any Reputation.

The special magical feat provided by this Virtue cannot have a level higher than 20. (Extra levels can still apply to Penetration.)

Personal Vis Source (Corpus) (Minor, Hermetic): You have exclusive access to a supply of raw vis. Determine the amount and type with the help of your troupe; the yield should be one tenth as much as the player covenant experts to gather per year at the beginning of the saga. The yield of your source does not normally change over the course of time, even if the covenant uncovers new sources.

This Virtue provides one pawn of the selected type of vis for every two seasons awarded in-game.

Puissant Art (Corpus) (Minor, Hermetic): You add 3 to the value of one Art whenever you use it. This means all totals in which the score of the Art is part of the total. It does not apply to Study Totals. You may take this Virtue twice, for two different Arts. If a spell has prerequisites, include the bonus from Puissant Art with that Art when calculating which Art is higher. If the Puissant Art is higher, the bonus does not apply to the requisite.

Blatant Gift (Major, Hermetic): People immediately realize that there is something strange about you, even if they do not know you are a magus. Animals are extremely disturbed, frightened, and possibly enraged by your presence. You suffer a – 6 penalty on all interaction rolls with normal people and animals, and should see page 75 for further discussion of this Flaw’s effect.

Compassionate (Minor, Personality): You help anyone who is wounded or in trouble. You cannot bear to see suffering in others, although you happily drive yourself to exhaustion.

Fragile Constitution (Minor, General): You are sickly and weak. You suffer a – 3 penalty on all rolls to recover from wounds and diseases.

Generous (Minor, Personality): You willingly give away your property to anyone who expresses a desire for it, even if they are not particularly deserving. If something is very important, you might not give it to someone, but you will certainly share it.

Palsied Hands (Minor, General): Your hands shake uncontrollably, which makes casting spells or holding objects difficult. All rolls involving holding or wielding an object are made at – 2, including weapon skills. Magi and others who rely on hand gestures to work magic must roll an extra botch die when casting a spell.

Short-Ranged Magic (Major, Hermetic): Halve your Casting Totals whenever you are not touching the target of the spell. Halve your Lab Total when designing an effect or spell that has a range greater than Touch.

Weak Enchanter (Minor, Hermetic): Your Gift is ill attuned to creating enchanted devices. Halve your Lab Total whenever you create or investigate an enchanted item. If you have a Deficiency that counts as part of the Lab Total, apply the Deficiency first and then halve the remaining total.


Virtue and Flaw Details (Nora)

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