Sample Spontaneous Spell List

Image of the Beast (In An 5) – (requires arcane connection)
Shiver of the Lycanthrope (In An 10) – Cast and can tell who’s a werewolf
Decay Fur and Hide (Pe An 10) – destroys object made of animal
Disguise of the Putrid Aroma (Re An 5) – concentrate and animals won’t attack
Circle of Beast Warding (Re An 5) – no normal beast will cross the circle
Soothe the Ferocious Bear (Re An 10) – calms an animal until it is threatened or aroused again
Footsteps of Slippery Oil (Cr Aq 5) – 10 steps are slippery/10 paces wide
Clear Sight of the Naiad (In Aq 5) – can see through water as through air for a moment
Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity (In Aq 5) – taste properties of any liquid
Touch of the Pearls (In Aq 5) – is a held liquid poisoned?
Comfort of the Drenched Traveler (Pe Aq 5) – dries a person + clothes
Ward Against Faeries of the Waters (ward)
Cloak of the Duck’s Feathers (Re Aq 5) – water runs off one object or creature unless submerged
Break the Oncoming Wave (Re Aq 5) – breaks waves w/I 10 paces
Air’s Ghostly Form (Cr Au 5) – thick fog around the player for a minute
Chamber of Spring Breeze (Cr Au 5) – air moves around the room
Jupiter’s Resounding Blow (Cr Au 10) – Thunderclap deafens folks
Stench of the Twenty Corpses (Cr Au 10) – area around stinks horribly
Wreaths of Foul Smoke (Cr Au 10) – Thick yellow smoke billows
Ward Against Faeries of the Air (ward)
Wind at the Back (Re Au 5) – a breeze follows me
Ward Against Rain (Re Au 10) – no rain falls on the caster
Bind Wound (Cr Co 10) – no worsening injuries but still suffer penalties
Charm Against Purification (Cr Co 10) – prevents decay of a human corpse
Sight of the True Form (In Co gen) – see through little disguises
Physician’s Eye (In Co 5) – determine general health of a person
Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh (In Co 10) – Able to find any defects
Eyes of the Cat (Mu Co 5) – see in near darkness
Curse of the Unruly Tongue (Re Co 5) – causes target to stutter
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand (Re Co 5) – one of the target’s hands spasms
Rise of the Feathery Body (Re Co 10) – allows the target to float vertically carrying up to 50 lbs
Conjure the Sturdy Vine (Cr He 5) – grows 10 paces of vine from wood/soil
Probe Nature’s Hidden Lore (In He 4) – tells you what kind of plant you’re touching
Hunt of the Wild Herb (In He 5) – smell one sort of plant
Intuition of the Forest (In He 10) – Communion with the woods you are in +3 to all nature rolls
Pass the Unyielding Portal (Mu He 5) – makes wood of a door pliable
Transformation of the Thorny Staff (My He 10) – up to 6 foot of wood to grow thorns
Piercing Shaft of Wood (Mu He 10) – turns wood into arrow that shoots
Curse of the Rotted Wood (Pe He 5) – non living wooden objects fall apart
Ward Against Faeries of the Wood (Re He ward)
Dance of the Staves (Re He 5) – a pole, staff, etc bends and lashes about wildly
Repel the Wooden Shafts (Re He 10) – deflects a single blow of any weapon made of wood
Moonbeam (Cr Ig 3) – Causes a gentle light to shine down
Palm of Flame (Cr Ig 5) – flame leaps in the palm
Heat of the Searing Forge (Cr Ig 10) – heat a piece of metal to the point when it would burn
Lamp Without Flame (Cr Ig 10) – Steady light as bright as daylight on a cloudy day.
Tales of the Ashes (In Ig 5) – see what the ashes were initially
The Many-Hued Conflagration (Mu Ig 5) – makes a fire burn brightly in shifting colors for an instant
Show of the Flames and Smoke (Mu Ig 10) – Smoke of different colors, streams of flame, noises entrances or horrifies witnesses
Hornet Fire (Mu Ig 10) – Turns a fire into a swarm of fireballs
Gloom of Evening (Pe Ig 10) – light level goes down
Winter’s Icy Touch (Pe Ig 10) – target feels chill and loses a fatigue
Tremulous Vault of the Torch’s Flame (Re Ig 5) – Causes a fire to quiver for a few seconds then leap up to 10 feet in any direction
Leap of the Fire (Re Ig 10) – Causes a bonfire to leap up to 10 paces in any direction
Phantasm of the Talking Head (Cr Im 10) – Creates an illusory face on a flat object
Discern the Images of Truth and Falsehood (In Im) – discern illusions
Prying Eyes (In Im 5) – see inside a room
Taste of the Spces and Herbs (Mu Im 5) – things taste/smell how I want
Aura of Ennobled Presence (Mu Im 10) – target appears more forceful, authorative, and believable
Notes of a Delightful Sound (Mu Im 10) – causes all sound to be especially clear and sonorous
Dispel the Phantom Image (Pe Im) – destroys any one CrIm spell
Taste of the Dulled Tongue (Pe Im 5) – hides taste of any substance
Illusion of Cool Flames (Pe Im 10) – source of heat seems to loose it’s heat (will still burn)
Restore the Moved Image (Re Im) – cancels a ReIm spell that moves an image back where it belongs
Illusion of the Shifted Image (Re Im 10) – makes any person or object appear to be a pace away from actual position
Wizard’s Sidestep (Re Im 10) Your image appears 1 pace from where you are
Words of the Unbroken Silence (Cr Me 10) – two words directly into the mind of a target
Sight of the Transparent Motive (In Me 10) – Detetcs general motive most powerfully influencing the target at the moment
Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lived (Mu Me 4) – changes target’s memory of a detail into a similar though different memory
Tip of the Tongue (Pe Me 5) – causes target to forget one word for diam, after need to roll
Trust of Childlike Faith (Pe Me 10) – target loses judgement and believes almost any passable lie for diam
Ring of Warding Against Spirits (Re Me)
The Call to Slumber (Re Me 10) – the target becomes sleepy and falls asleep within a few seconds
Snap of Awakening (Re Me 10) – when you snap your fingers instantly awaken target
Probe for Pure Silver (In Te 4) – smell silver
Eyes of the Eons (In Te 10) – age of any nonliving target within 10%
The Crystal Dart (Mu Te 10) – a 10 inch crystal dart rises from the ground and shoots
Supple Iron and Rigid Rope (Mu Te 10) – makes things flexible or stiff
Fist of Shattering (Pe Te 10) – Object of stone or weaker, up to a pace, breaks apart
Rusted Decay of Ten-Score Years (Pe Te 10) – rusts metal
Ward Against Faeries of the Mountain (Re Te)
Unseen Arm (Re Te 5) – Slowly moves a nonliving thing
Trackless Step (Re Te 10) – no tracks until you come to a stop
Wielding the Invisible Sling (Re Te 10) – Hurls nearby object to throwing range
The Unseen Porter (Re Te 10) – large objects carried

Shell of False Determinations (Cr Vi) – shell of magic on an item to protect
Shell of Opaque Mysteries (Cr Vi) – spell similar to prior all attempts to investigate magic item fail
The Invisible Eye Revealed (In Vi) – geel any magical means being used to spy on them
Sense of Magical Power (In Vi 4) – spell tells caster if in magical aura
Scales of the Magical Weight (In Vi 5) – sense how much vis is in a pawn
Sense the Nature of Vis (In Vi 5) – sense what kind of vis
Mirror of Opposition (Form) (Mu Vi) – flips another spell that is being cast
Shroud Magic (Mu Vi) – suppress or alter a sigil in a spell
The Sorcer’s Fork (Mu Vi) – splits another spell into two spells

Pilum of Fire (Cr Ig 20)?

Circling winds of protection (20)
Doublet of Impenetrable Silk (15)

Sample Spontaneous Spell List

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