For the purpose of the character creation rules, all characters are considered Hermetic magi. This campaign has a vastly different story and is set in a more traditional fantasy world than Medieval Europe and the character creation steps are modified to reflect this.

Note that this campaign creates a limitation on the maximum rating of certain things. No Ability can be rated higher than 5. No Art can be rated higher than 10. And no formulaic spell can have a level higher than 20. These restrictions apply at character creation and afterward.

Characters are built using the chart on page 29 titled “Detailed Character Creation Summary,” with the following modifications.

1. Pick a Concept. Skip this step. Characters are newly-graduated Aphelion apprentices, 15 years of age. Their memories have been destroyed so they can better serve the goals of the secret organization they work for.

2. Hermetic Magi Only: Pick a House. Skip this step. Farrani wizards do not have houses in this place and time. (Certain Virtues and Flaws approximate the effect of schools from prior story arcs, but these are not required.)

5. Early Childhood. All characters have “Palamux" (pal’ – a – myu) as their Native Language.

6. Later Life. Skip this step. Farrani wizards do not have a “later life” period; their apprenticeships begin at age five, immediately after early childhood.

7. Hermetic Magi Only: Apprenticeship. Farrani wizards start with only 160 experience points from their ten-year apprenticeships. They must use 60 of these points to purchase the following minimum Ability scores: Artes Liberales 1 (with the ability to read and write Karahzed), Dead Language: Karahzed 3, Elder Theology 1, Magic Theory 1, Organization Lore: Farrani Corps 1, Medicine 1, and Parma Magica 1.

Farrani start with a score of 0 in one Form and in each of the five Techniques. They can purchase scores of 0 in additional Forms during character creation at the cost of 20 experience points each.

Each character also has 80 levels of formulaic spells, each of no higher level than (Technique + Form + Intelligence + Magic Theory + 3) or level 20, whichever is lower.

8 (a). Hermetic Magi Only: Years After Apprenticeship. The mechanics of this step are modified because of the new “seasoning” rules. To reflect the achievements of the prior two story arcs, this step provides 80 “seasons” to jump-start of this arc. These bonus seasons each translate to five additional experience points or five levels of formulaic spells.

8 (b). Personality. Personality Traits are strong tools to assist you in portraying your character. This website has a lot of trait ideas if you’re having trouble thinking of some.

11. Equipment. Player characters can begin with a reasonable (carry-able) amount of equipment of Inexpensive or Standard Cost-rating. Each character can also choose two items of Expensive Cost-rating and a partial suit of Lorica Farranus armor.

Upon graduation, each character receives a quantity of vis that has been saved for her during her apprenticeship. Each character begins the game with two rooks (20 pawns) of vis of any Techniques or Forms desired.


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