Witch Compass


This delicate contraption folds down to store in a thin, velvet-lined case. When assembled, it looks like a cross between a compass and a sextant. Its function is to point the way to a target the user is tracking. (Despite the name, the Witch Compass is just as useful for tracking mundane people.) The arcane connection used must be able to fit into the small box that serves as the item’s base, three inches by three inches and one inch high, or the compass must be placed on top of the arcane connection so that the box is touching it.

Find the Man (In Co 15/30); R: Arc, D: Mom, T: Ind. This effect determines the location of the subject by providing his direction and approximate distance. The effect comes with 26 points of magic penetration. It yields no results if the target is dead. (Base 3, + 4 Arc) (+ 2 levels for 3 uses per day, + 13 for 26 penetration)


Witch Compass

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