The Tigerfish is a magical launcher. The touch of its shrapnel breaks the will of its victims, causing them to flee or surrender.

Dread of the Trembling Hearts (Creo Mentem 20/30); R: Bullet, D: Diameter, T: Group. Those hit by the explosive shot are so disheartened that they are strongly inclined to surrender or flee. Anguish, regret, and despair grip their hearts. A Brave, Dedicated, or similarly-applicable Personality Trait roll with an Ease Factor of 12 is required to avoid giving up the fight. (Base 4, + 1 Bullet, + 1 Diameter, + 2 Group) (+ 10 for unlimited uses per day)

Magazine (I-5), Explosive, Heavy Weapon

Weapon Ability Init Atk Dfn Dam Str Load Cost Range
Tigerfish Heavy Weapons + 1 + 1 + 0 + 14 + 1 4.0 Lavish 12

When fired beyond the first range increment, the Tigerfish’s shot will explode on impact. It can hit everyone within 10 paces of the original target. Apply the same attack roll to everyone in range, including friendly targets.

Any hit the Tigerfish inflicts that is completely Soaked by the target instead inflicts a level of Fatigue.

A character cannot fire the Tigerfish and move in the same turn—the character’s normal movement time is used to brace and sight the weapon as a prerequisite for firing.



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