The World that Ever Was


It is hard to determine the age of this valuable book. The user is left with the impression that the whole thing is a durable figment, a tactile and visual illusion of great complexity and everlasting duration.

  • Imaginem Summa 10 (quality 9)

Three Rooms (Grimoire: Rego Imaginem 60)
R: Arcane Connection, D: Diameter, T: Room, Req: Intellego

This spell links two rooms, one that caster is in (called a sending room) and one to which she has an arcane connection (called a receiving room). The everyone in the sending room can see and hear what is transpiring in the linked room. Simultaneously, the image and sounds generated in the sending room are apparent in the receiving room, although these are not looped back to the sending room. Whenever this spell is cast, the caster is aware that what a third room is linked to the casting, and those within the room can observe both ends of the exchange. Where this “control” room is located or who might be in it is completely unknown to the user. Given the age of this grimoire, it is very likely that said room no longer exists, but the spell still tries to link to it. (Base 15, Arcane Connection + 4, Diameter + 1, Room + 2, Complex Effect + 1, Size + 1)


The World that Ever Was

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