The Magical Detective


This front of this book contains a series of spell lab notes carefully copied into a very usable form. The remainder of the book contains a series of lessons on specific magical topics related to Vim.

  • Vim Summa 6 (quality 6)

Glimpse of the Active Magics (Lab Notes: Intellego Vim 20)
R: Per, D: Mom, T: Vision

You can see spells as “auras” around things and people. (At momentary duration, you only have time to examine the magic on one target.) The color of the aura indicates the Form of the spell working on a subject: Animal is brown, Aquam is blue, Auram is violet, Corpus is dark red, Herbam is green, Imaginem is pearly blue, Ignem is bright red, Mentem is orange, Terram is dark brown, and Vim is silver. The shape of the aura indicates the spell’s Technique: Creo and Rego are both very orderly auras, Creo with repeating patterns and Rego smooth edges. Muto is constantly shifting, and Intellego as well, but more slowly. A Perdo aura is usually in fragments. This will also detect the residues of some spells. (Base 5, + 4 Vision, + 2 Techniques and Forms, – 3 Optimized)

Reveal the Presence of Magic (Lab Notes: Muto Vim 5 and 15 versions)
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Room, Req: Imaginem

Every magical thing in the area around you glows brightly. This includes vis, invested items, and things with active spells affecting them. Magical residue is not revealed. Magical creatures will not glow because of their nature, but will if currently affected by magic. Subjects with Magic Resistance must be penetrated. The level 15 version of this spell will cause the glow to vary in color and shape according to the guidelines of Sight of the Active Magics on page 159. (Base 4, + 1 Touch, + 1 Concentration, + 2 Room, – 3 Optimized) or (Base 4, + 1 Touch, + 1 Concentration, + 2 Room, + 2 Techniques and Forms, – 3 Optimized)

Weigh Enchantments (Lab Notes: Intellego Vim 20)
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Individual

This spell reveals the powers invested in an enchanted item. It will not reveal any invested effect with a level higher at least double of (15 plus the level of this spell). Revealed effects include all their various details, including how to trigger them. (General, + 1 Touch)


The Magical Detective

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