Strike Rifle


This weapon combines two firearms, a standard long arm and an under-slung thermite strike launcher.

Combination Rifle: Magazine (E-12), Pierce (long arm), Reliable

Weapon Ability Init Atk Dfn Dam Str Load Cost Range
Combination Rifle Long Arms + 3 + 1 + 0 + 10 - 1 2.0 Lavish 20

A strike rifle ignores the first three points of protection granted by armor against targets within its first and second range increments.

When checking for a botch in the use of a strike rifle, roll 1 fewer botch die.

Strike Launcher: Magazine (I-3), Spread, Thermite

Weapon Ability Init Atk Dfn Dam Str Load Cost Range
Strike Launcher Long Arms + 3 + 3 + 0 + 10 - 1 2.0 Lavish 12

When fired beyond the first range increment, a strike launcher can hit two or three close targets. Apply the same attack roll to all targets, all of which must be close enough to one another to reach out and touch hands. But be careful; the Storyguide can invoke the spread rule against friendly targets too. When fired at closely-engaged enemies (those in forward stance) the attack will typically affect fighters on both sides. (A shooter is never hit by her own spread attack.)

The strike launcher’s pellets contain metals that generate a pyrotechnic reaction. Targets damaged by the attack suffer an automatic burning hit on the next round at the same initiative count. The burning hit inflicts + 0 damage and must be soaked without the benefit of armor. Thermite burns very hot; shots from this weapon can ignite flammable materials in the environment.


Strike Rifle

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