Spells from the Sky Vault


This “book” is a book-shaped cage of metal filigree. It contains a series of loose papers, lab notes for the creation of spells and directions about how best to cast them.

  • Auram Tractatus (quality 9)

Cloak of the Foggy Moors (Lab Notes: Creo Auram 20)
R: Touch, D: Concentration, T: Individual

Creates an unnaturally thick fog bank that springs up around the magus. The diameter of the cloud is about one hundred paces. Strong winds may reduce the size of the cloud by as much as half, but will not completely dissipate the fog until the spell’s duration expires. (Base 3, + 1 Touch, + 4 wholly divorced from normal context: appears instantly and does not need appropriate temperatures or nearby bodies of water)

Sailor’s Foretaste of the Morrow (Lab Notes: Intellego Auram 20)
R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Group

You know precisely what tomorrow’s weather will be, and you gain a general impression about the weather for the weak ahead. This intuition only applies to the place where you cast the spell, and is based on extrapolating current conditions, so it is occasionally wrong (precise, but inaccurate). Still, it would take something like an interfering magical being, or a volcanic eruption, to throw the prediction off. (Base 4, + 1 Touch, + 2 Group, + 1 size)

Talons of the Wind (Lab Notes: Muto Auram 20)
R: Voice, D: Diameter, T: Individual, Req: Rego

Transforms a wind into an abrasive medium that tears and claws at everything in its path. Soft materials like leaves and cloth are shredded, and people take + 5 damage from innumerable bloody cuts and abrasions. This spell cannot be cast if there is not a breeze of some sort blowing, thus making it difficult to use effectively indoors. The caster is not effected by the spell, even if the wind is blowing directly at him. (Base 4, + 2 Voice, + 1 Diameter, + 1 Rego requisite for additional effect: protect the caster)

True Sight of the Air (Lab Notes: Intellego Auram 20)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Vision

Lets you see clearly through all manner of obfuscation in the air nearby, including smoke, fog, and dust, even if the obfuscation is magical. (Base 1, + 1 Touch, + 2 Sun, + 4 Vision)


Spells from the Sky Vault

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