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This book is written in a dialect of Karahzed that is foreign to local speakers; Karahzed level 6 is required to learn from it.

  • Rego Summa 10 (quality 12)

Dragon of Fiery Ruin (Grimoire: Re Ig 35); R: Sight, D: Sun, T: Individual. This spell molds and moves a fire of up to structure-size into the shape of a beast of legend, typically a dragon. With concentration, the user can move the fiery beast at a prodigious rate, about the speed of a running adult, causing it “attack” whatever it can envelop. Once divorced from its source, the fire needs no fuel to sustain itself until the spell’s Duration ends. The beast can move over land, sea, and air, and is a terrible bane to ships, towns, fields, and other flammable targets. The beast’s touch inflicts + 15 damage and can easily ignite anything in its path. (Base 10, + 3 Sight, + 2 Sun, + 2 size, + 1 fire needs no source)


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