Love and Fire


An otherwise unremarkable instructional book. Increase the book’s quality to 10 if the reader has Infernal Lore at level 2 or higher.

  • Ignem Summa 10 (quality 8)

Sotto Voce (Grimoire: Intellego Ignem 30)
R: True Name, D: Concentration, T: Individual

This spell is a translation of magics from another tradition. It requires Infernal Lore at level 2 or higher to determine that the spell is actually contained within the writings of the book, let alone to use the grimoire. The user employs an active flame of at least the size of a campfire as a medium for communicating with any creature that has Infernal Might and whose true name is known to the user (or proper name and true nature in the case of creatures with less-than-human intelligence). (Base effect)


Love and Fire

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