Ignis Fatuus


This book is written in dark red ink on lightly-reddish vellum pages. The book’s introduction claims the ink was made with the blood of unborn humans and the pages are human uterine vellum. But an inserted note from an unknown author claims that, after testing, the ink has no amount of blood in it and the uterine vellum was revealed to be from deer. While the book claims to be quite ancient, the note also dates it to less than 20 years old.

  • Guile Summa 2 (quality 15)
  • Intrigue Summa 2 (quality 15)
  • Infernal Lore Summa 2 (quality 15)
  • Ignem Tractatus (quality 15)

Firearm’s Folly (Lab Notes: Creo Ignem 15)
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Part

The gunpowder of up to 12 rounds in a loaded gun (or external magazine) explodes, destroying the weapon and inflicting damage on the holder. The damage bonus is equivalent to the number of rounds affected, i.e., + 1 for a single round, up to + 12 for a dozen bullets. (Base 3, + 2 Voice, + 1 Part, + 1 tricky target)

Dead Powder (Lab Notes: Perdo Terram 20)
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T: Part, Req: Ignem

The gunpowder in up to 12 rounds of a loaded gun (or external magazine) has its explosive potential extinguished. The weapon will not fire until the ruined rounds are replaced. (Base 4, + 2 Voice, + 1 Part, + 1 tricky target)

Shot without Flash (Lab Notes: Perdo Terram 20)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Part, Req: Ignem

The gunpowder in up to 12 rounds of a loaded gun (or external magazine) will not produce light when it explodes. The weapon will fire normally, but without any muzzle flash to give away the shooter’s position in the dark. (Base 3, + 1 Touch, + 2 Sun, + 1 Part, + 1 tricky target)

Heat Sight (Lab Notes: Intellego Ignem Enchantment 20/24)

These notes describe the enchantment of a small ring. Looking through the ring allows the user to see the heat of objects that are of human temperature or hotter. This is excellent for use in the dark but doesn’t give true vision. The user can see well enough to make attacks without penalty, but recognizing people is very difficulty. (Base 2, + 2 Sun, + 4 Vision) (+ 3 environmental trigger, + 1 two uses per day = constant effect)

These lab notes also give concise instructions about crafting an item to enchant with the provided effect. The ring is brass, one inch in diameter, containing a clear glass lens. A notch at the ring’s base allows a butterfly clip to hold it firmly to the top of a gun barrel.

Brass is a “base metal” material and the ring is of “tiny” size. This means the item requires 5 pawns of Vim vis to open it for enchantment and it has no extra room to include effects beyond this one. Brass provides a + 3 material bonus for “Ignem,” clear glass adds another + 5 for “see through something,” and the ring shape gives yet another + 2 for “constant effect.”


Ignis Fatuus

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