Healer's Wrap


This strip of heavy cloth is about ten feet long and four inches wide. The entire length is embroidered with simple dark pattern highlighted with red and white designs. The item is activated by wrapping it around the target several times and tying or clipping it to hold it in place, usually like a belt; the position does not have to correspond with the target’s wound location(s). Reactivation requires removal and re-application of the wrap.

Sanitation of the Festering Wound (Cr Co 20/24); R: Per, D: Sun, T: Ind. The target gains a + 15 bonus to Recovery rolls to recover from injuries or diseases, as long as she has been wrapped with this cloth for the whole of the recovery interval. The recovery interval is counted from the time that the effect begins; any previous time is ignored. (Base 10, + 2 Sun) (+ 1 level for two uses per day, + 3 environmental trigger = continuous)


Healer's Wrap

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