A book with a colorful cover, this collection of lab notes introduces two useful spells and directions for building a simple signaling device.

Disguise of the Transformed Image (Lab Notes: Muto Imaginem 15)
R: Touch, D: Sun, T: Individual

Makes someone look, sound, feel, and smell different, though at least passably human. (Base 4, + 1 Touch, + 2 Sun)

Wizard’s Sidestep (Lab Notes: Rego Imaginem 10)
R: Personal, D: Sun, T: Individual

Your image appears up to 1 pace from where you actually are, so attacks aimed there are likely to miss you. Whenever the image is successfully struck, it disappears and reappears in another spot. In combat, early attacks are aimed at the image, and so automatically miss you. Once the image has been hit once, you have a + 9 bonus to Defense, as attackers must try to find you in a fairly large area. The effect ends if the spell’s subject takes any overtly hostile action. This “invisible” attacker gains bonus of + 6 to her attack total before the magic fails and her image returns to her. (Base 2, + 2 Sun, + 1 changing image, + 1 moved image matches changes)

Signal Locket (Lab Notes: Creo Imaginem Enchantment 5/9)

These notes describe the enchantment of a small locket that opens to reveal a bright false light. With concentration, the user can control the light, causing it to shine off and on at a whim, even changing colors. This false light can be seen from a great distance but does not illuminate anything around the user. And the light can only be viewed from a particular direction. These characteristics make the light ideal to send coded signals over a great distance at night. (Base 1, + 2 Sun, + 1 changing image, + 1 Rego requisite) (+ 3 environmental trigger, + 1 two uses per day = constant effect)

The locked described for enchanting is composed of two small, overlapping wooden squares. A metal hinge allows the plates to open and close. When opened, a tiny mirror is revealed, set into one of the plates, from which the light shines.

The locket is “wood” material of a “tiny” size. It requires 2 pawns of Vim vis to open for enchantment and it has no extra room to include effects beyond this one. A “mirror” provides a + 6 material bonus for “display image.”



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