Dragon Fire


Magazine (E-12), Slugs, Spread

Weapon Ability Init Atk Dfn Dam Str Load Cost Range
Dragon Fire Hand Guns + 3 + 3 + 0 + 8 - 2 1.0 Lavish 8

When fired beyond the first range increment, a dragon fire can hit two or three close targets. Apply the same attack roll to all targets, all of which must be close enough to one another to reach out and touch hands. But be careful; the Storyguide can invoke the spread rule against friendly targets too. When fired at closely-engaged enemies (those in forward stance) the attack will typically affect fighters on both sides. (A shooter is never hit by her own spread attack.)

The dragon fire has the option to load heavy smooth-bore cartridges, adding + 3 to the weapon’s Damage rating but penalizing the Attack rating by – 2. Or it can load normal, pellet-filled cartridges to use Spread; the weapon cannot utilize both capabilities at once.


Dragon Fire

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