Crystal of Silence


This magical necklace activates by blowing on the crystal, causing it to glow with a bright light while dispelling magic in the area.

Wind of Mundane Silence (Pe Vi 20/30); R: Touch, D: Momentary, T: Room. A metaphorical “breeze” swirls around you, blowing away the effects of magic in the area. When you use the Crystal of Silence, make a + 25 stress roll. Check this result against each magical effect in the room you are in; if your roll was at least double its level, the effect is cancelled. Parma Magica can be blown down like a spell effect with a level equal to Parma Magica x 5. Effects on creatures with 20 or more Magic Resistance are not dispelled, regardless of roll results. (Base effect, + 1 Touch, + 2 Room) (+ 0 for one use per day, + 10 for 20 Penetration)


Crystal of Silence

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