The Inner Weave


A simple book with important lessons about magic.

  • Vim Summa 9 (quality 10)

The Invisible Eye Revealed (Grimoire: Rego Vim 30)
R: Personal, D: Concentration, T: Touch

The caster can feel any magical means currently being used to spy on her. The presentation varies in a way that depends on the spell, but it often feels like something touching the wizard’s back. For example, a magus being spied upon with Enchantment of the Scrying Pool might feel wet fingers, while a magus who is being tracked by The Inexorable Search might feel a finger running over her skin. This spell detects the use of Apheleon Intellego spells of up to double the level of the spell, and similar spells from other traditions up to the level of the spell + a simple die. A special spell is required to detect scrying because most intellego magic is particularly subtle. (Base effect)


The Inner Weave

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