The Red Blossom


This aged book contains secrets vital to the Form of Herbam.

  • Herbam Summa 10 (quality 11)

Coils of the Entangling Plants (Lab Notes: Rego Herbam 20)
R: Voice, D: Concentration, T: Group

Animates all the grass and small plants within a field delineated from side to side by your outstretched arms and in front of you no more than 15 paces of distance. the plants grab and wrap themselves around the people nearest to them (Strength stress roll of 9+ to break free, rolled once per minute). If a roll to break free ever botches, the victim cannot escape on his or her own. With a Concentration roll of 6+, you can release one individual a round. (Base 3, Voice + 2, Concentration + 1, Group + 2)

How the Red Seed Grows (Grimoire: Intellego Herbam 40)
R: Arcane Connection, D: Concentration, T: Individual

While reading this spell from the grimoire, the caster touches one of three special pages, each of which has been crafted from special wood pulp. Each page is a byproduct of a cutting taken from a particular Witness Tree. The caster knows the location of the tree and can converse with it for one conversation. As long-lived and noble plants, these trees are ponderous and thoughtful. A single question-and-response takes ten to thirty minutes. Unlike normal plants, Witness Trees are mindful of events that they witness that might interests the Farrani Corps, both magical and political. Bystanders cannot understand this conversation. Seventeen pages, presumably arcane connections to additional Witness Trees, are missing from this book. (Base 15, Arcane Connection + 4, Concentration + 1)


The Red Blossom

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