The Farrani Corps


The Farrani Corps is a secret society with an internal structure based on its historic naval functions. The Corps considers itself to be the last guardians of Aphelion magic, the ancient system of wizardry and magical relics left in the world by the Karahzed millennia ago. Farrani outposts exist primarily on remote islands, particularly its headquarters on an island near Palamux.

The headquarters includes the Farrani Corps’ Naval College, where all potential apprentices are brought for their ten years of training. Apprentices lose their past memories whey they undergo the tradition’s mystic rites. This allows them to dedicate themselves wholly to the mission of the Corps.

Naval Ranking System

The Farrani Corps uses a naval ranking system. Rumor has it that this tradition goes back to the first groups of Farrani wizards who arrived by boats from places unknown. The earliest Farrani writings have also created the custom of applying shipboard metaphors to all aspects of duty. (For example, an official corps building is referred to as a “ship” and the assigned corpsmen as “crew.”)

Apprentice Officers

Midshipman, Raw: All Farrani begin at the rank of midshipman or midshipwoman and advance steadily through its variations until graduation. Raw midshipwomen enjoy immunity to certain duties and to most forms of discipline. Their primary task is to integrate into Farrani society. Teachers work closely with raw midshipmen to shape their Gifts and ensure that their potential does not become too rigid to for the Aphelion Tradition.

Midshipman Ordinary: This rank refers to an apprentice who has passed certain qualifications, usually achievable within two years of initiation. A midshipwoman ordinary knows functional Karahzed, understands the basics of magical theory, and has one Form opened. Farrani of this rank begin to take responsibility for low-level work around the college. Their training expands beyond the magical, beginning to include knowledge of the elder gods, the history of the Corps, a wide range of martial disciplines, and the principles of leadership.

Midshipman, Master: A master midshipwoman is a fully functional wizard of the Farrani Corps, although minimally trained. These last few years of apprenticeship allow a great deal of freedom for the wizard to pursue her own particular specialties. Master midshipwomen cease to have work responsibilities and enjoy unfettered access to learning resources to finish their training.

Midshipman Extraordinary: A midshipwoman extraordinary is literally an extra. This rank applies to Farrani wizards who have graduated from apprenticeship but have yet to be assigned to a posting and thus have yet to receive promotion above the midshipman rank.

Junior Officers

Ensign: An ensign is the lowest commissioned officer in the Corps. She has graduated apprenticeship and been assigned a post at land or sea. Ensigns are assigned to temporary or permanent duties as service groups led by a lieutenant.

Lieutenant: Sometimes called a duty officer, a lieutenant leads her watch group of five to ten ensigns. Lieutenants are personally selected for rank by the commander or captain who directs the watch group. Privileges remain equivalent to ensign and the rank of lieutenant can be transitory based on the whims of superior officers. Where multiple watch groups operate together, such as the officers of a large ship or land emplacement, each lieutenant is assigned a numbered rank relative to the other lieutenants. The first lieutenant is senior-most in authority, the second lieutenant is the next senior, and so on down the numbers.

Senior Officers

Commander: A commander controls a minor outpost or who controls a small war vessel, one not rated or rated at fourth-rate or higher. Commanders have many of the duties of captains but are of lesser rank.

Captain: Captains control important vessels, at least third-rate ships-of-the-line or aerostat ships. Captains each have a seat on the lower council and help to shape the policy of the Corps. Captains are assigned either to a naval group, using their ships in a war effort, or to a large region for patrol and control.

Commodore: A commodore leads a naval group. Commodores are designated by an admiral or by the fleet council to be raised above their fellow captains. One commodore is instead designated to command Civil Works and Training, directing all land-based operations from the Farrani headquarters on the Silver Isle. Commodores receive very broad orders and are trusted to achieve their goals using whatever tactics they deem most efficient.

Fleet Council

Admiral: The Farrani Corps’ six admirals form the Fleet Council. While lesser direction and day-to-day operations fall upon the commodores or the Council of Captains, the Fleet Council is ultimately in charge of the policies and purpose of the Farrani Corps. The Fleet Council meets and confers only through magical mediums, keeping their locations and identities a strict secret. All are believed to be of considerable age. Should an admiral retire, the Fleet Council selects its own replacement from members at any rank.


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The Farrani Corps

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